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CALIGARI Process Blog #2 | 15/07/2022

BIG week this week, oh big BIG week!

We kicked off on Monday with our brilliant movement director Adrian Quinton coming into rehearsals and working a full day with the cast in exploring surreal movement, with focus on death scenes and big ensemble moments. It was wonderful working with Adrian, and we can’t wait to have him back later in the process too. HIRE HIM!!!! HE’S TOO GOOD!!!

The rest of the week saw us working through the play slowly, bit by bit and shape the play in detail. This came with a few more script changes to make sense of how we were moving the piece along, and there’s a heap of incredible moments in there. What we’ve found is the fun between the batshit moments, then turning to much darker tones within a minute. It’s gonna be a real rollercoaster ride for an audience, so strap in cus it’s gonna be a wild one!

This week, the cast also forged ahead with fantastic process in composing the music for the play. Both in songs that were placed via the script as well as to underscore particular moments. What we’ve found interesting is how music is another language in the world we’re creating, much similar to the original 1920’s film. We’ve found it to be the extra character, and is creating a brand-new dimension for how we see our work, as well as how we’re creating the energy of the characters and their situations.

As if it couldn’t get any more EXCITING, my best mate Hal Darling built the entire set (in a weekend, might I add) and brought it to Broadgate for us to rehearse with. Not only is he playing a character in the play, but he’s got time to build a janky cabinet in sweltering heat in just over 24 hours total. Proper legend. The cabinet is a proper sight to behold, and looks like its straight from the expressionistic style of the original film - paying a nice homage but also having a multitude of functions in the play which we’re super buzzed to share with you in performance.

Everything is starting to shape up nicely, and we’re all just gagging to share this show with you.

Here’s to week two, and to our final week at Broadgate, ahead of previews!


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