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ChewBoy Productions LTD | Filming Agreement

The following contract is a document of agreement between:


ChewBoy Productions LTD (SUPPLIER) &                                                              (COMPANY)




The contract consists of two main sections,

(1) The COMPANY’s Agreements and (2) The SUPPLIER’s Agreements.


This document is binding for the filming of: 


which will take place at:










Any further filming dates or opportunities must be discussed by the COMPANY and the SUPPLIER, and a suitable additional contract must follow.

Signature of this contract indicates you agree to the terms and conditions of collaborative employment. Any issues with clauses and responsibilities must be highlighted and communicated to the SUPPLIER prior to signing.

1 | The COMPANY’s Agreements

(a) The COMPANY agrees to supply the SUPPLIER with all requested materials in order to carry out filming responsibilities in advance of the filming date. These may include, but are not limited to, script, marketing materials, company logos and production photography.

(b) The COMPANY agrees to arrange a suitable time for a meeting or discussion around the production should the SUPPLIER require more information.

(c) The COMPANY agrees to find a suitable location for equipment to be set-up, and should find adequate time for the SUPPLIER to set-up, or make the SUPPLIER aware of any short turn-around times.

(d) The COMPANY should agree with the SUPPLIER ahead of schedule when the filming date will be taking place.

(e) The COMPANY agrees to pay a deposit fee of 50% to the SUPPLIER on signature of this contract. The SUPPLIER will provide an invoice for this to happen.

(f) The COMPANY agrees to pay the remaining fee (50%) to the SUPPLIER no later than 7 days following the finished product and relevant invoice has been received. If this final fee is not paid within 7 days, the COMPANY will note that an additional 5% cost will be added to the invoice after each week the fee is not paid.

(g) The COMPANY should provide technical information on signature of this contract to the SUPPLIER, such as suggested lighting states and any SFX to be used. If this is not yet known, this must be provided prior to the filming dates, and photograph evidence will suffice on the day of technical rehearsals for the COMPANY.

(h) The COMPANY has an option to provide any notes or feedback on the initial edit of the film to be rectified. The SUPPLIER will only provide one re-edit of the product.

(i) Any sharing of the film is strictly up to the COMPANY’s discretion, but ChewBoy Productions LTD should be credited where possible and applicable for the filming of the work.

(j) Should COVID-19 or any other emergency impact on the performance taking place and/or disrupts the proposed film activities, this contract will be void for all parties.

(k) Payment of deposit can, and will, be taken in place of a signature to agree to this contract if a deposit is paid and contract not returned.

2 | The SUPPLIER’s Agreements

(a) The SUPPLIER agrees to attend the performance of the production at the agreed time and date with all equipment required to film the production.

(b) The SUPPLIER agrees to set all equipment up and capture the production to a high-quality standard.


(c) The SUPPLIER agrees to carry out all post-production responsibilities.


(d)The SUPPLIER agrees to provide the COMPANY with 4k, 1080p or 720p versions of their filmed production within 6 weeks of the production being initially captured, unless agreed otherwise by the COMPANY and SUPPLIER.

(e) If applicable, an earlier deadline must be agreed on by the SUPPLIER and COMPANY ahead of the scheduled filming date and must give the SUPPLIER at least 5 days to complete the edit.

(f) The SUPPLIER agrees to engage in one re-edit of the film based on the COMPANY’s notes and feedback.

(g) Should COVID-19 or any other emergency impact on the performance taking place and/or disrupts the proposed film activities, this contract will be void for all parties.

(h) The SUPPLIER will dispose of all footage and files, except the final film, 3 months after the agreed filming date.

Failure to adhere to any of the relevant points in this agreement will make this document void and will result in termination of this contract.


If you’re happy with the agreements listed, please sign below.


We look forward to working with you.


Georgie Bailey & Hal Darling

ChewBoy Productions

Company Name:

Company Signature:

Company Email:

Company Phone Number:


Supplier Name: Hal Darling

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