ChewBoy Productions is a collective company dedicated to producing work envisioned and created by young bois and girls which sticks, entertains and reflects. Founders Georgie Bailey and Hal met in Chichester Festival Youth Theatre and began making bits and bobs of small scale productions for fun, eventually turning into a partnership which fostered the foundations of ChewBoy. Officially set up in 2018 in the harbours of West Sussex, ChewBoy has an ever-growing base of associate artists who it works with on each individual project, with each piece of work different from the last.


Georgie  is a poet, playwright, performer and digital content producer. He is an alumnus of Soho Theatre’s Writers Lab and HighTide’s Writers Group and will be a member of Papatango’s Writers Group in 2019. He currently works at Chichester Festival Theatre in a digital projects role. He has had two full length plays produced in venues such as Tristan Bates Theatre and Hen and Chickens and a number of his shorter pieces have been showcased as part of new writing nights. In 2018, he completed Theatre Deli’s “28 plays later” challenge which requires a writer to complete a play a day for the entire month of February. He has led several creative writing projects with young people from a variety of backgrounds and with additional needs in several regional theatres.

Hal  has performed in numerous productions in a range of venues including Chichester Festival Theatre. He has been prided on his professionalism and his dedication in past projects with highly respected directors. He is an artist at heart and has had work showcased and exhibited in venues across West Sussex, along with experimenting in filmmaking. Hal works as a graphic designer, so has a keen eye for poster and print design. This gains strong links with design and print companies that can produce all of the print media for our projects.

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ChewBoy Productions