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PLEASE NOTE: This product includes both scripts for DJ Bazzer's Year 6 Disco & TETHERED, written by Georgie Bailey 




Baz is the resident DJ of Brigdale Primary. Next week, it’s the Year 6 Leavers’ Disco: the biggest gig of the year. With a mighty setlist of early-noughties bangers cued up, Baz is raring to go for the event of a lifetime. That is, until their old school rival barges his way back onto the scene, forcing Baz to recollect the things he’d kept buried for years, and face up to moments in his past that will define his future…


Join Baz in the multimedia, solo adventure of the century: DJ BAZZER’s YEAR 6 DISCO, exploring childhood dreams that never wake up, the things that keep you up at night and the toxicity of comparing ourselves to others. As Baz traverses through the nostalgic sounds of his childhood, he asks the audience to consider the hopes they had for growing up, and what it means to be alive through a journey of Magaluf rooftop raves, hospital wards and the glow stick laden school halls of years gone by.



George and Hal are putting on a play. They’re playing Moins and Sans. George needs it to be perfect. Hal’s fallen out of love with it.

As the pair traverse through their madcap story of party hats, balloonies and mysterious messages, the actors are forced to question many things. Like, how far would we go to keep ourselves sane when trapped in one place for too long? How much do we rely on each other? And how do you pronounce Moins?


TETHERED is an award-winning surreal comedy from the critically acclaimed ChewBoy Productions, exploring hope, loss, and dependence, following a successful run at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre where the company are Associate Artists.

DJ Bazzer's Year 6 Disco / TETHERED | Script (Published by Salamander Street)

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