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So, here's the thing. 

We've got a combined 30 years in filmmaking, theatremaking & digital marketing. That doesn't make us the videography wise guys, but means we bring a wide array of experience to collaborating on your projects. 

Since starting-up in 2018, we've produced theatre, filmed theatre, captured digital content for socials, created trailers, shot sketches, made short films, nabbed vox-pops with audiences and much much more. Oh, and we've got a fair few awards for all of it along the way. 

But we're not big on the brag front of things.


Every collaboration is unique for us. There's no blueprint to the work we do, so we always start each project with a chat. No budget is too small, no project is too vague.

Just drop us a line below to get the ball rolling!

Tell us a little bit about your project along with any timeframes and we will get back to you within 48 hours. If it's an urgent request, please put URGENT in the subject line. 

If you want your THEATRE SHOW FILMED scroll down or click here.

our equipment

  • 4x 6K BlackMagic Cinema Cameras with a variety of wide and close up lenses.

  • 2x Zoom Microphones, each specialising in close up audio and a wide field recording of the show for pure L&R Stereo Sound.

  • 4x Cinema Tripods offering flexibilty for both static and tracking shots.

  • 2x Rhode II Go Microphones

  • Rhode Broadcasting Handheld Microphone

  • Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimble with Follow Focus and Live Monitors.

  • Green Screen.

Resident Videographers - Pleasance Theatre Trust

Digital Partners - Chisenhale Dance

Project Leads - Intent New Theatre Kosovo

UK Film Sponsors - Ukraine Fringe [2023]

A Few of our Partners & Collaborators


Would you like your
show filmed? Simply get in touch to find out more.

Show Filming

We specialise in filming theatre shows of all varieties. For a bespoke quote please fill in the form to the right so we can find out more about your show.

We also offer Production and Rehearsal Trailers, Photography, Captioning & Audio Description services.

Show Filming

a few examples:

production trailer

vox pops trailer

rehearsal trailer

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