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a curated e-gallery


Welcome to 2ND WAVE e-gallery! including work from 22 artists from across the globe in various different forms, all in response to isolation.


Hagit Avidan - Future

Hagit Avidan - Space

In the last days of "covid-19" we are all forced to be making deep inventory in one way or another. Those days are empowering us to be honest with ourselves and look straightforward in the reality we live in. Part of my observation is being expressed in my art.


Jaisal Marmion - Panic at the Tesco

Locked Up was captured just before the UK Lockdown was announced. Lonely World 1 & 2 were captured for the 2017 52 Week Photography Challenge.

instagram @_niamhmurphy

twitter @Niamhmurphy0

The sound of the birds - monologue copy
Futbol after Quarantine_ Wave 2_Amlanjyo

Amlanjyoti Goswami - Futbol after Quarantine

My friend Munna and I are one on most things, but football styles. He prefers flank to flank Man U action. I long for the glory days of 2008-10 with Barca. It will be interesting to see if we still disagree in the post Covid world.

(for Munna, Abhi and Rympu)

Gemma Sangster - Quarantine Mural


Connor read - art

Harry Walker - The Sound of the Birds

Emily Glaze - Quarantine Haikus

Dana Barlev - art

The piece is about an intense struggle to find meaning and validation in the absence of others.

Locked Up.jpg
Lonely World 2.jpg
Lonely World 1.jpg

Julian Bruton - Photographs

After being obsessed with time lapse videos on Facebook I was compelled to make one of my own. – my parents garden wall was the perfect canvas.


Esfir Zeyger - Photograph


Esfir Zeyger - Art

Summer Never Felt So Far Away.jpg

Niamh usually writes for theatre and has recently begun using poetry as a means of capturing tiny moments, encounters, and thoughts.

Niamh Murphy - Summer never felt so far away

Single in McDonald's WORD.jpg

Bertie Whistance - Single in McDonalds

Single in McDonalds is a poem that delves into the utter horror of suddenly gaining a crush on someone and not knowing what the hell to do about it.

Who's Afraid of COVID-19? by Max Wilkins

Max Wilkinson - Who's Afraid of Covid 19

A couple, desperate to break up, are forced to live together due to a killer virus outside. A dark comedy.

Green shoots.jpg

Capturing new life growing in these uncertain times; a flicker of hope as they stem from empty (very topical) toilet rolls…


Emma Keith - Artwork

Jacob Hayes - Night & Day by Joe Pass

A poetical depiction of the current dialectical ramble that occurs on the hour every hour between 'the submissive citizen of reality' and 'the self proclaimed revolutionary of the potential truth'.

And that's when I sent it off - official

Tim Norman - Artwork

“The Stranger”, the Album which contained it, was my first “non-classical music listening” of life!"

A collective of Faceless Illustrations depicting the portraits of families/friends/lovers and everyone else in between.

Peter has sent a text but is now having second thoughts: is it too late to press ‘unsend’? A short monologue presented as iPhone text messages.


Being heavily involved in performance, I haven’t revisited handmade art in awhile. Cartoon and brightly coloured illustrations interest me the most.

Tessa Nixon - Paintings

Lele Baiardi - She's Always a woman


Holly Georgia - The Regulars (Hackney Downs)

 I’d never seen them before, and when this is all over, I doubt I’ll ever see them again. For now we’re here together, but separately. 

George Craig - Beatboxing

Tired & Bored-2.jpeg
Tired & Bored-4.jpeg

Fran Cattaneo - Tired and Bored

We’re a month into lockdown and I have begun to feel tired. Happy, content but tired and it shows. I yawn and think I’ll grow tired of that too soon...

Amy Carter - idontwannabeyouanymore

Currently channelling quaran-boredom into quaran-creativity. Cover of idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish. 

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