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Forever Never WillGwen Wilkie
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Welcome to 3rd WAVE e-gallery! including work from 24 artists from across the globe in various different forms, all in response to isolation.

Clara Ehlers - Grief


Fran Cattaneo - My New Normal

Rab Green - Friends and Family

Dana Barlev - Art

Kathryn Webb - Magpie

Dana Barlev - Art

Dana Barlev - art

Script Notes - Meg Watts.jpg
Quarantine Business Models - meg watts.j

Meg Watts - Quarantine Business Models

Josh Mcclure - Art

Josh Mcclure - art

Martin Heavisides - Notes from the mundane sphere

Visiting Dad-Marj O'Neill-Butler.jpg

Marj O'Neill-Butler - Visiting Dad

Allie Costa - Future Shock

Meg Watts - Quarantine questions

Meg Watts - script notes

Katharine jee - Olympic Dreams

Nick Maynard - Figures of Contortion

Amlan Goswani - Opening up

Amlanjyoti Goswami - Opening up

D. Lee Miller - TSUNAMI

D. Lee Miller - TSUNAMI

Helen Jeffery - Just For A While

Helen Jeffery - Just For A While

Steven Lancefield - A Final Goodbye

Georgia Taylor - Tues Night 20:43

Lele Biardi - You Don't Own Me

Emma Hadley - Hide and Seek

Caleb Barron - Stormy Weather

Caleb Barron - Stormy Weather

Lucy Hansard - Your Body Can

Amanda Martin - 10 Ideas in Lockdown