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Forever Never WillGwen Wilkie
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Welcome to 3rd WAVE e-gallery! including work from 24 artists from across the globe in various different forms, all in response to isolation.


Clara Ehlers - Grief


Fran Cattaneo - My New Normal

I had had a pretty low week prior to this photo being taken. I spent most days in bed, binge watching Normal People, wrapping my entire body and skin in my duvet. It sort of became my little hovel, or den - it sort of became ‘My New Normal’.


Rab Green - Friends and Family

Magpie - A Poem by Kathryn Webb pdf.jpg

Kathryn Webb - Magpie

Dana Barlev - Art
Dana Barlev - Art

Dana Barlev - art

I am a multidisciplinary artist, designer and a former professional dancer.

A short comedy film about three women training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics during isolation. It was made at the beginning of lockdown by three friends in separate locations, filmed on phones, to keep us creative and to distract from the unfolding madness. We hope it brings a smile to your face!

Script Notes - Meg Watts.jpg
Quarantine Business Models - meg watts.j
Quarantine Questions - Meg Watts.jpg

Meg Watts - Quarantine Business Models

Josh Mcclure - Art

Josh Mcclure - art

Notes from the Mundane Sphere .jpg

Martin Heavisides - Notes from the mundane sphere

Meg Watts - Quarantine questions

Meg Watts - script notes

Katharine jee - Olympic Dreams

If you had the opportunity to go back in time and give yourself the heads up about the pandemic, what would happen?

In times of chaos, question everything! (This is not good advice on a personal level, but politically: oh baby, it’s time to dismantle those norms.) 

I wrote this after losing two bartending jobs. That sucked, but capitalist disparities (and the thought of losing Attenborough) suck so much more. 

Denial and self destruction go hand in hand when you’re avoiding your mental health. My advice? See your doctor. Call your friend. Look after yourself.

Visiting Dad-Marj O'Neill-Butler.jpg

Marj O'Neill-Butler - Visiting Dad

During the pandemic a daughter find a unique way to visit her father at his care home.

Nick Maynard - Figures of Contortion

Allie Costa - Future Shock

Nick Maynard - Figures of Contortion

Nick Maynard - Figures of Contortion

Amlan Goswani - Opening up

Amlanjyoti Goswami - Opening up

It has that two steps forward, one step back nature of things. A fast forward and rewind happening at the same time.

D. Lee Miller - TSUNAMI

D. Lee Miller - TSUNAMI

Near the start of the pandemic, a child was lost swimming in the ocean off of Brooklyn, NY.  His parent called the police but they never appeared.  The city was facing the worst epidemic since 1918.  Thousands ill.  Thousands dying.  The police, overworked, were also ill in large numbers.  The bones of the story are true. The rest, imagined.

Helen Jeffery - Just For A While

Helen Jeffery - Just For A While

Steven Lancefield - A Final Goodbye

Georgia Taylor - Tues Night 20:43

Filmed and edited entirely during the Lockdown, "A Final Goodbye" was written by Steven Lancefield, and was directed by and stars Lena Richardson and Freddie Hill. A young man visits his Aunt, but nothing is as it first appears to be...

I wrote this piece at the beginning of Lockdown when the prospect of a week or 2 at home seemed quite appealing! Who knew it would last quite so long and present so many challenges along the way -  having to isolate, not seeing family and friends...these things became harder the longer the lockdown continued. However (deep breath) when times have seemed hard and the world around me small I have re-read the poem and been thankful to be where I am. At home. Safe. Sitting in the Sunshine.

A technological creation of inundation representing the effects that the pandemic has had on my brain. Specifically one tues night at 20:43.

Lele Biardi - You Don't Own Me

One of my favorite songs ever, performed with an unusual... meaning...

Emma Hadley - Hide and Seek

A choreographed story of two romantically entangled people & their instability. Overlaid by a six-part cover of Imogen Heap's song, 'Hide and Seek'.

Caleb Barron - Stormy Weather

Caleb Barron - Stormy Weather

A brief reflection on these strange times during a recent storm.

I wanted to make this film to share the realisation I had when I was given the time to stop and listen. Spending time with my family gave me insight into something I’ve never considered before.

Lucy Hansard - Your Body Can

Amanda Martin - 10 Ideas in Lockdown

Amanda Martin - 10 Ideas in Lockdown

I used to write plays, but now theatre is cancelled so I wrote this instead.

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