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"Even when dealing with incredibly weighty issues, ChewBoy's approach is one that is adept in its addition of comical charm and whimsy" Miro Magazine

The Process Trilogy was an idea we’ve had on the back burner for a while, following the success of our stage play EUAN. We knew we wanted to carry on the same surrealist style, but going one further by giving each audience an utterly unique experience through slightly different versions of the same films. 


This trilogy follows three seemingly separate stories: a horror film fan dealing with insomnia and 'another self', an artist struggling with her masterpiece and two clowns who may never find the punchline. The pieces centre around bittersweet comedy, bleak surrealism and experimental filmmaking and mark the third creative project from ChewBoy Productions. They deal with the facts that we may never find happiness in our lives or our work, and that ultimately, we always end up back where we started. 


Before the screening, audiences were invited to answer a series of questions. We then put all the answers into our algorithm, creating a truly individual cut of the films which were representative of the room's overall worldview, perceptions, personality and feeling.

"Boasts a fine understanding of artistic ingenuity that made the surrealist films of the late 60's so impactful." 

Movie Burner



DIRECTED BY Hal Darling & georgie bailey

Composed by ted hayes

cinematography/editing by hal darling

performed by harrison wilde, mia mccallum, venetia cook and connor read