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these words that'll linger like ghosts till the day i drop down dead (2023)

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The Pleasance, London 13th - 24th June 2023

'and every sun we’d walk towards would always be setting, in that beautiful place between the lightness and the dark.'
Two living, breathing people face each other in a theatre space. One is here to help. The other is seeking something.

These words that’ll linger like ghosts till the day I drop down dead is a brand-new experimental play from the multi-award-winning playwright Georgie Bailey, exploring the things we wish we’d said to those that have now left us in life, how we manage grief and how ultimately, we can never go back to the past no matter how much we may want to.

LONGLISTED for the Originals Playwriting Award 2022

Written by Georgie Bailey
Directed by Lucy Betts

Dramaturgy by Jaisal Marmion

Designed by Hal Daling
Production Managed by Chloe Stally-Gibson

Associate Produced by Eve Allin

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